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Throne Rush Strategy, Hints and Tips

Welcome to Throne Rush Help, a website dedicated to helping players become the best they can as they progress through the game, beating their enemies in a quest for glory!

Evolving as we play the game, we aim to give you a step by step guide to beating each town on the Missions, details of all the quests and general strategies to help you build the strongest defensive city whilst have the most vicious team for attack.

If you've just started playing Throne Rush, check out our beginner's guide, or for more advanced players, use the website as a reference to upgrading buildings and army combinations. Join the chat on our forum to help find the best brotherhood for you, and make new friends with fellow Throne Rush players.

Available on Facebook and mobile devices, Throne Rush is one of our favourite games right now, and - seeing as you are here - we expect it is one of yours too. We hope we can help you on your quest to become a champion.


Sarah & The Throne Rush Fan Team