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Throne Rush Misty Chine Walkthrough

Throne Rush Misty Chine


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Misty Chine Hints, Tips and Strategy

Rewards: Gold: 8,000 | Food: 8,000
Troops used: 20 Orc

Go in with an army of 20 Orcs. This town has a cannon, so don't send all your orcs out at once here, or they'll all get squashed! Still, you need to try and take the cannon out first. Send a batch of 10 Orcs in, closeby the cannon together, to take care of it. Then, once the cannon is destroyed, send in another 10 orcs behind them. With the attacking units out of the way, they'll flatten the city in no time.

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Misty Chine Solution Map


Throne Rush Misty Chine solution