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Throne Rush Cliff of the Wretched Walkthrough

Throne Rush Cliff of the Wretched


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Cliff of the Wretched Hints, Tips and Strategy

Rewards: Gold: 45,000 | Food: 45,000
Troops used: 24 Troll

Trolls are dumb as rocks. They'll just go for the nearest target, even if there's shrapnel pouring down on them from a huge tower just metres away. As such, to get through this mission with trolls alone, you need perfect timing.

Send in a wave of 7 to start off with, next to the wall by the barn near the cannons. Once the wall is destroyed send in a second wave to take out the cannons. Then, just before the second cannon is destroyed, send in 8 more trolls. They will start to head towards the second cannon, but when it is destroyed, they will head for the castle.

You can come back and obliterate this mission without even thinking when you have eagles - make sure to scatter the eagles around the fortiments in circles and not clumped together, otherwise he Ziggurat will take them out when they cluster.

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