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Throne Rush Plague-stricken Village Walkthrough

Throne Rush Plague-stricken Village


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Plague-stricken Village Hints, Tips and Strategy

Rewards: Gold: 260,000 | Food: 260,000
Troops used: 22 Troll, 14 Mage + 8 Wraith

To get past the level take 8 wraiths, 14 mages and 22 trolls (level 3). If you have any extra army slots, top up with 3 more mages and 4 more trolls for backup.

Send the 8 wraiths into the corner by the Ziggurat, then send 12 of the trolls in 3 groups of 4 to the side, backed up by 7 mages. Once the defences are out on the one side of the town, and the castle is the nearest target, send in your remaining trolls backed up by your remaining mages. .

For total obliteration, combine 13 Ents with 6 Wraiths - send four teams of 3 Ents in through the gaps in the wall at the top and bottom of the village, and one extra down the centre at the top. Once the ents have taken out the Ziggurats and Cannons, send two groups of three Wraiths in to the either side of the village to take out the towers. The Wraiths will add the extra speed needed to flatten the village and achieve 100% in good time.

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Plague-stricken Village Minimum Solution Map


Throne Rush Plague-stricken Village alternative mission solution


Plague-stricken Village Solution Map


Throne Rush Plague-stricken Village solution