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Throne Rush Dried-up Coast Walkthrough

Throne Rush Dried-up Coast


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Dried-up Coast Hints, Tips and Strategy

Rewards: Gold: 600,000 | Food: 600,000
Troops used: 8 Dragon

8 dragons sent in four waves of two will take the castle and get you through to the next mission. Send two out in each corner to take out the archers towers, then two groups of two behind the Storm Spires. They'll take the castle afterwards, and you can progress.

For 100% go in with 10 x Level 2 dragons. Use four firebombs to take out the bank of attacking buildings, and a lightning bolt to weaken the Tower of Flames. The dragons will take care of the rest.

As the orginal Throne Rush game only had 45 missions on the World Map, you will receive the Liberator Award when you complete Dried-Up Coast - and you will receive the Perfectionist Award when you get 100% on all missions up to and including Dried-Up Coast. The statues cost 1,000,000 gold coins each, but they look great in your city!

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Dried-up Coast Minimum Solution Map


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Dried-up Coast Solution Map


Throne Rush Dried-up Coast solution