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Throne Rush Knives and Sacrifices Walkthrough

Throne Rush Knives and Sacrifices


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Knives and Sacrifices Hints, Tips and Strategy

Rewards: Gold: 3,000 | Food: 3,000
Troops used: 16 Orc + 8 Goblin

Four archers' towers surround the castle, behind sturdy walls, and cover the windmill and the treasury. You can complete this city easily using 16 Orcs and 8 Goblins. Send your 16 Orcs en masse into the corner of one of the walled quadrants. They will take out one of the archers' towers and move on to the next. Once one side of the battlefield is clear from fire, send your 8 Goblins into battle to take out the storage buildings. Your orcs will continue on their journey, taking out the remaining archers' towers, and helping you mission the town.

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Knives and Sacrifices Solution Map


Throne Rush Knives and Sacrifices solution