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Throne Rush Campamento del caravanero Walkthrough

Throne Rush Campamento del caravanero


Campamento del caravanero Hints, Tips and Strategy

Recompensas: Oro: 9,000 | Comida: 9,000
Tropas usadas: 16 Troll

If you stll have a mission 3 castle, the easiest way to get through this mission is to try out your new found magic skils. Create two lightning bolts from mana, and use them to take out the cannon in the centre. Combined with an army of 30 Orcs, you'll bring the city down.

For a straight out no-magic win on this mission, you'll need to wait until you can recruit trolls. To just get through, send them in to the back of the castle but be careful how you place them, make sure they go for the castle first not the tower. For 100% come back to this mission later, when you are stronger.

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