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Throne Rush Orillaseca Walkthrough

Throne Rush Orillaseca


Orillaseca Hints, Tips and Strategy

Recompensas: Oro: 100,000 | Comida: 100,000
Tropas usadas: 36 Águila

36 eagles will get you past this mission but timing is essential. Send out 9 next to the closest Storm Spire, follow it up with another 9 when the Storm Spire is destroyed, another 9 when the Ziggurat is destroyed and a final 9 when all the others are dead, and they'll get you through the mission.

A wraith and eagle combination will mission this town 100%. Send your wraiths at the Storm Spres and Ziggurats, then once they've been taken out, send in your eagles to do the rest of the clearing up.

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Orillaseca Solution Map


Throne Rush Orillaseca solution