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Throne Rush 마지막 매복 공격 Walkthrough

Throne Rush 마지막 매복 공격


마지막 매복 공격 Hints, Tips and Strategy

보상: 골드: 280,000 | 식량: 280,000
사용된 부대: 13 엔트 + 6 저승사자

The 13 Ent and 6 Wraith combo works on this mission, too. Send 4 teams of 3 Ents into each corner, and once the Ziggurats are taken out send 3 Wraiths at the top and 3 Wraiths at the bottom: they'll get to the cannons before any more damage is done to your Ents, and get you 100%.

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마지막 매복 공격 Solution Map


Throne Rush 마지막 매복 공격 solution