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Битва за Трон Песнь Ветров Walkthrough

Битва за Трон Песнь Ветров


Песнь Ветров Hints, Tips and Strategy

Награды: Золото: 20,000 | Еда: 20,000
Использованные войска: 20 Тролль

Split your team of 20 mission 2 trolls into 4 groups. Send two groups off round the back of the castle, and two groups to the side. This stops the canons from targettig one group excusively, and although your trolls will get hit, they shoud live long enough to take out both the cannons this way. It's touch and go, but your team should finish up just before the clock runs out if you space them out correctly.

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Песнь Ветров Solution Map


Битва за Трон Песнь Ветров solution