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Битва за Трон Тайный Вертеп Walkthrough

Битва за Трон Тайный Вертеп


Тайный Вертеп Hints, Tips and Strategy

Награды: Золото: 50,000 | Еда: 50,000
Использованные войска: 29 Тролль

Another easy mission to destroy the castle wth trolls. Send in a wave of 10 trolls to break the wall nearest the castle, which (you'll be surprised to discover) isn't covered by cannons, followed by another wave of 9, followed by a third wave of 10 once the archers towers have been taken out. Come back when you have eagles to get your 100% - 25 eagles spread around the city (not clustered together) will reduce the towers to rubble

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Тайный Вертеп Solution Map


Битва за Трон Тайный Вертеп solution