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Битва за Трон Гибельная топь Walkthrough

Битва за Трон Гибельная топь


Гибельная топь Hints, Tips and Strategy

Награды: Золото: 180,000 | Еда: 180,000
Использованные войска: 14 Призрак + 28 Тролль

14 Wraths and 28 Trolls will get you a minimum win on this level. Split the Wraiths into two groups of 7 to take out the cannons, then send the trolls in 4 waves - the first to make a gap in the wall, the second, third and fourth to replace them as they die.

To get 100%, put 10 Ents and 16 Trolls in your army, start out close to the Ziggurats on the right hand side of the screen, breaking your ents into two teams of 5. With the Ziggurats destroyed, send in the trolls as back up. Things will get tight as the army approaches the far side of the city with more Ziggurats, but this should guarantee 100% success.

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Гибельная топь Solution Map


Битва за Трон Гибельная топь solution