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Битва за Трон Лихолесье Walkthrough

Битва за Трон Лихолесье


Лихолесье Hints, Tips and Strategy

Награды: Золото: 220,000 | Еда: 220,000
Использованные войска: 20 Маг + 20 Энт

20 mages and 20 wraiths will get you past this mission. Send your wraiths in round the back by the castle in two teams of 10, and when the attacking units are destroyed, send in two groups of 7 mages. When there is only the castle left as a target round the back send in your final 6 mages, who will attack the castle from the back where the cannons cannot reach them.

A team of pure ents can get you the golden prize here. Deploy in three teams, one to the top right, one to the top left, and one to the bottom of the village. They'll be moving slow and cutting it fine, but they should reach 100% before the clock runs out.

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Лихолесье Solution Map


Битва за Трон Лихолесье solution