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Битва за Трон Клятва Мертвой Девы Walkthrough

Битва за Трон Клятва Мертвой Девы


Клятва Мертвой Девы Hints, Tips and Strategy

Награды: Золото: 240,000 | Еда: 240,000
Использованные войска: 22 Призрак + 12 Тролль

22 wraiths and 12 trolls will get you a minimum win here. Send the wraiths out in two groups, very quickly after each other, to take out one side of the city's defences, then send your trolls in, and they'll slowly work their way round to over 50%.

A full army of 16 ents, sent out in four teams to the left and the right of the city, one team for each archer tower, will get you 100% - but there won't be many seconds to spare on the clock!

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Клятва Мертвой Девы Solution Map


Битва за Трон Клятва Мертвой Девы solution