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Throne Rush Strategy, Hints and Tips

Don't collect rewards unless you have storage
You will receive bread and gold for completing tasks in the game and accomplishing quests, but if you don't have a big enough barn for the bread, or a big enough treasury for the gold, it will just go to waste. Before you click on the circle to collect your rewards, make sure you have enough room to collect them.

Use walls as a gold dump
If your treasury is getting full, sink that extra cash into upgrading your walls, or buying new ones. Try to make sure you always have one builder free so you can keep investing money in the walls and make your village even stronger.

Upgrade one defensive unit at a time
If you have more than one builder, try to upgrade one defensive unit at a time, and have the other builder working on storage or production. If your village is attacked when you're upgrading both your storm spires, for example, it leaves you very vulnerable!

Do the lowly quests
If you're getting on with the game, but don't seem to be getting regular quest rewards, you may have missed an early quest. You need to complete the early quests (such as researching knights and goblins) before you unlock other quests deeper in the game. Check your icons on the left hand side, and if there's one you've missed, complete it, and then you'll see which other quests you've already completed.

Don't obsess over getting 100% on Missions
All you have to do to get past a city on the Throne Rush Missions is to defeat the castle. You can always return to the city later in the game when you have stronger units if you don't manage to get 100% on the first try.

If you're not getting 100% it's time to upgrade your barracks.

The Throne Rush Missions is also a good indicator as to when its time to upgrade your barracks, If you reach a level and your current army doesn't reach 100%, it's time to focus on building and strengthening up. These are the points we've recognised on the Missions:

Southern Outpost for Barracks lv 3
Infinite Scheming for Barracks lv 6
Shabby Farmstead for Barracks lv 7

Spin again on PVP
If the random battle that has been given to you on player verses player seems beyond your capabilities, simply click on skip battle and move on to another village. Skip Battle just costs the same as clicking on End Battle then starting a new battle before your 30 second inspection period is over.

Look at level difference on PVP
Try to stick to attacking players who are less than 4 levels above you, The players have gained that experience by upgrading their defensive units, so you may be underestimating their strength just by looking at the village. Also, remember they are likely to be tougher than you are if they come seeking revenge.

Upgrade to the maximum, then the castle
It's no good upgrading your castle to level 8 if you still have level 1 Archers' Towers - you're going to get obliterated. Upgrade almost everything as far as the castle will allow before upgrading the castle - and start with your windmills and mines.

Make full use of the forge
It's easy to overlook the power of the forge to begin with, when you can only upgrade Knights and Goblins, but keep on increasing the power of the forge and keep up with the research. When you get into the position where you can hire level 4 Trolls and upgrade Eagles & Mages, it becomes worth the bread & time you plough into it.

Spend gems wisely
If you have, or if you buy gems, there are different rates of exchange at different points of the game. Filling your barn via the Resources tab in the shop is often cheaper than buying 1,000 bread for 1 gem. Use your mana to create Lightning spells (which only cost 1 Mana) and use your gems to create Fireball spells (which cost 2 mana but the same amount of gems).

Village layout is important - general tips on battle

1. If you have a lot of buildings outside of a wall, it is possible for a player to attack with trolls or mages spread out in small groups and take down a lot of buildings. If you are attacking such a village, by spreading the units out in small groups, even if the cannon or Ziggurat hits a small group, another group goes unscathed.

2. Ents aren't very good in PVP play, You need to take down the maximum amount of building units in a short amount of time, and a pure Ent army won't move fast enough. Take a small group of Ents along with other units, such as trolls or wraiths.

3. Defend your buildings with other buildings. By positioning an Archer's Tower or Ziggurat in front of a cannon, any unit that attacks defensive units will have to go through the obstacle first.

4. Know where people can enter your village from. Place your buildings close enough together so there are no gaps inside your walled compound. If there are gaps between your buildings, armies can be deployed in the centre of your walled compound, rendering your walls useless for defence.