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Throne Rush Tutorial: Your First 30 Minutes of Game Play

Throne Rush Mission 1: Old Meadow

The Throne Rush tutorial starts you off with a battle - you deploy mages around an ill protected castle at Old Meadow, and watch them tear it to the ground! You get 500 gold and 500 bread for your efforts. It will be a while before you can take mages out into battle again, but it will give you a feel for the game play. In fact, if you only send one mage out, and you get to keep the rest.

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You're then instructed to build a barracks, which is the place where your army will live. Once it is completed, you will recruit a few knights. You're urged to click on the gem to finish the Knights' training, but you may as well sit it out and keep that gem for yourself. They're hard to come by as the game continues!

Throne Rush Mission 2: Glade of Oblivion

Once your knights are ready, you're taken to the second town on the map - Glade of Oblivion. This town has no protection at all and your knights will easily win the day. You receive another 500 gold and 500 bread

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The tutorial takes you back to the map and tells you to level up your castle. Again, it urges you to use a gem, but just wait a few seconds and keep hold of them. Gems are the 'pay for' money of Throne Rush, you cannot get them easily in the game, so the more you have, the better!

On the left hand side you will see two new tasks: these are the first quests, Worldly Affairs and Gifts of Nature. You'll need to build a new mine and windmill, then to to claim the rewards for these tasks, click on the circle that appears above your castle.

You will be offered a chance to have an extra builder for free if you start to upgrade two buildings at once, so use the opportunity! Upgrade your two mines, your two windmills, your treasury and your barn and buy an archer's tower to complete further quests and get more rewards. Also upgrade your barracks, recruit the maximum amount of goblins and go on the 'Southern Outpost' mission.

Throne Rush Mission 3: Southern Outpost

If you send 8 knights out right by the archers' tower, so they knock it down frst, you should have enough man power to level the Southern Outpost. You'll get 1000 gold and 1000 bread whilst in the battle, then you'll return to your base.

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Collect all the bread that is sitting in your windmills by clicking on them, and collect the gold from your mines. Claim your rewards by clicking on the circles above the castle, and upgrade your barracks again. Whilst you are waiting, it's worth 'Liking' the Throne Rush page, and sharing the game with your friends as part of the Gems for Free quest. You'll also need to send an invite to your friends to complete this, and you don't seem to have any control over which friends you send the invites to.

Upgrade your two windmills again, and buy 20 units of wall to complete the My Home Is My Castle quest - remember to collect money from the mines if you need it. Now sit and wait until you have enough bread to upgrade your Headquarters. Keep checking your windmill and collecting the bread until you are able to upgrade - you'll get 1,000 bread when you have finished.

You'll see the quest "Looks Don't Count" appear, which is symobilsed by a goblin. This quest counts the number of goblins who have died in battle for you, not the amount you've actually recruited - so click on the icon to see how many of your goblin recruits have been counted towards the task so far - then recruit the remaining amount of goblins you need to complete the quest, and top up your army with orcs.

Throne Rush Mission 4: Wicked Gully

Wait for your army to build, then head over to Wicked Gully. You're out of the tutorial stage now, and things are getting tougher! Your combined army of orcs and goblins should get a victory here. Send your orcs in through the opening of the wall to take down the two archer's tower, then send in your goblins to level the rest of the city.

If for any reason you fail, you will have to wait until you have enough bread to try again - or you can try attacking a neighbour instead!

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