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Throne Rush Walkthrough Help

Throne Rush Missions 5-10 Walkthrough Help

Throne Rush Mission 5: Sludger's Lot

This town is guarded by two towers. 9 Orcs should take it down without too many issues; send 5 orcs to the tower at the back and 4 to the unfenced tower at the front.

Solution map

Throne Rush Mission 6: Lesser Trickery

This town is, indeed, lesser in its trickery. You can get past the level with just 20 goblins, sent round the back in two waves of 10. However, to get 100%, send in 4 goblins and 8 orcs. It is a fully walled compound, so start of by dispatching your orcs en masse to break down the wall and take out the first archers' tower. Then back them up with a few goblins to speed through this level.

Solution map

Throne Rush Mission 7: Knives and Sacrifices

Four archers' towers surround the castle, behind sturdy walls, and cover the windmill and the treasury. You can complete this city easily using 16 Orcs and 8 Goblins.

Send your 16 Orcs en masse into the corner of one of the walled quadrants. They will take out one of the archers' towers and move on to the next. Once one side of the battlefield is clear from fire, send your 8 Goblins into battle to take out the storage buildings. Your orcs will continue on their journey, taking out the remaining archers' towers, and helping you level the town.

Solution map

Throne Rush Mission 8: Gray Moon Hall

Three archer's tower and a tower guard the castle. It's an easy job for 20 Orcs working as an army. Send them all out in a big group towards the main tower - they will destroy it, move on to the archers' towers and take out the rest of the town.

Solution map

Throne Rush Mission 9: Cold Dene

Another town you can take with an army of 20 Orcs. Send them out in a large group behind the castle. Their numbers will be greatly reduced by the time they've taken out the archers' towers that protect the town, but you have two minutes to complete this, and even if you only have 4 orcs left, they can accomplish it in time.

Solution map

Throne Rush Mission 10: Golden Peak

Your 20 Orc army can take this town, too but it may be a bit of a struggle. Send all your orcs together in a sideways on attack on one of the archers' towers. You'll see your numbers go down and down, but if you set them off right you'll have 4 or 5 orcs left to take out the rest of the town once the attacking units have been destroyed.

Solution map

Once you have completed the first 10 towns, take a break - upgrade your castle to level 3 & upgrade your HQ to level 3 before continuing on the Missions. Your 20 Orc army won't be able to handle the bigger battles ahead, so take some time to toughen up before continuing!