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Throne Rush Missions 11-20 Walkthrough

Throne Rush Mission 11: Ogre's Lot

An army of 24 Orcs and 12 Goblins will take this city. Send the majority of your orcs out in two groups at the back of the village - maybe hold two or three back to make up the numbers for the four towers at the front. When the three towers at the back of the village are down, send in your Goblins to start work on the storage. Bring in any remaining orcs to give more strength to the attack at the towers on the front.

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Throne Rush Mission 12: Heather-upon-Mount

16 Orcs and 18 Goblins easily knocked this city to the ground. Put your orcs into battle en masse near one of the towers, then send your goblins out a few seconds behind them.

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Throne Rush Mission 13: Hazy Clearing

Send an army of 30 Orcs out together by the gap in the wall near the barn. This will save them time, and they won't have to chop through a wall to reach their targets. They'll bring down the city in no time, and you'll claim your reward.

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Throne Rush Mission 14: Misty Chine

Go in with an army of 20 Orcs. This town has a cannon, so don't send all your orcs out at once here, or they'll all get squashed! Still, you need to try and take the cannon out first. Send a batch of 10 Orcs in, closeby the cannon together, to take care of it. Then, once the cannon is destroyed, send in another 10 orcs to take care of the towers at the front of the village. With the attacking units out of the way, they'll flatten the city in no time.

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Take another break here - the game is about to get tougher again. It's better to wait until you've got a level 4 castle before continuing. The villages you will be visiting will have cannons; and knights, goblins, orcs and elves get squished very easily.

Upgrade your Headquaters and your Barracks if you haven't already, and you'll be able to recruit elves. You should have 3 mines and 3 windmills by now to produce the extra resources you're going to need. You should also think about building a forge; you will use this to build up the strength of your warriors later in the game.

Also build an alchemy lab - when you receive mana from your friends playing the game, you are able to create spells to use in battle. If you are loving the game by now and thinking of buying gems, build a tavern so you can recruit a hero. They will make your battles a whole lot easier as they level up. However, we will contiue the walkthrough from the point of view of someone who hasn't recruited a hero and who doesn't have enough friends playing to use magic regularly.

Throne Rush Mission 15: Caravanner's Camp

If you stll have a level 3 castle, the easiest way to get through this level is to try out your new found magic skils. Create two lightning bolts from mana, and use them to take out the cannon in the centre. Combined with an army of 30 Orcs, you'll bring the city down.

For a straight out no-magic win on this level, you'll need to wait until you can recruit trolls. To just get through, send them in to the back of the castle but be careful how you place them, make sure they go for the castle first not the tower. For 100% come back to this level later, when you are stronger.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 16: Deaf Gauze

Send out five trolls to take out the mines in the top left hand corner, Once the mines are destroyed, send out your remaining trolls so that the barn becomes the nearest target (followed by the cannon). The archers tower fire will barely touch your trolls, if they don't manage to take 100% of the town as 20, 24 should do it just before the clock runs out.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 17: Cursed Crossroad

A cross road indeed, there are two heavily protected cannons behind double walls. Your 16 trolls can handle this though. Split your army in two, one team for each cannon, and attack as close to the cannon and double wall as you can. With the cannons out of the way this town becomes childs' play.

Solution Map

If you haven't upgraded your forge by now, it's a good time to do it. Set your research team off on trolls, so you have some tougher units to send into battle.

Throne Rush Mission 18: Song of the Winds

Split your team of 20 level 2 trolls into 4 groups. Send two groups off round the back of the castle, and two groups to the side. This stops the canons from targettig one group excusively, and although your trolls will get hit, they shoud live long enough to take out both the cannons this way. It's touch and go, but your team should finish up just before the clock runs out if you space them out correctly.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 19: Damp Churchyard

A very easy level - there are no cannons, but there are 8 archers towers. It's a good time to test out the capabilities of your elves, as you've not really had a chance to use them. Fill up a pure elf army then scatter them in circles around the foritifications and watch their arrows rain down on the city.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 20: Tardy Tribe

Go in with 20 trolls, and split your trolls into two teams: send the teams either side of the walls, by the archers' towers which are next to the cannons.. As soon as the trolls have seen off the two archers' towers they will move on to the cannons as their next target, and the two towers at the far end of the screen won't be able to do them much damage whilst they destroy the rest of the city.

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