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Throne Rush Missions 21-30 Walkthrough

At this point you should have two level 4 HQs, giving you the ability to recruit into 160 slots (which is 32 trolls). The levels are getting harder again, and you'll need your full fighting power to continue! If you can upgrade your castle to level 5 now, to enable you to build a level 6 barracks, you'll be able to use eagles. Make this your aim as you play the next few levels. Although you can get past the next few cities without them, eagles will make those forts childs' play; and you probably won't be able to get past level 25 without them.

Throne Rush Mission 21: Infinite Scheming

Go in with 20 trolls, and send them in round the back by the castle. Remember, you don't need to get 100% at this point, you can return with some eagles later in the game, to achieve perfection on this level.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 22: Mort's Valley

A simple level: go in with an army of 20 trolls. Send ten up front to take care of the Ziggurat, and send ten in from the side. They'll work their way around the grid and get you 100% with no problems whatsoever.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 23: Cliff of the Wretched

Trolls are dumb as rocks. They'll just go for the nearest target, even if there's shrapnel pouring down on them from a huge tower just metres away. As such, to get through this level with trolls alone, you need perfect timing.

Send in a wave of 7 to start off with, next to the wall by the barn near the cannons. Once the wall is destroyed send in a second wave to take out the cannons. Then, just before the second cannon is destroyed, send in 8 more trolls. They will start to head towards the second cannon, but when it is destroyed, they will head for the castle.

You can come back and obliterate this level without even thinking when you have eagles - make sure to scatter the eagles around the fortiments in circles and not clumped together, otherwise he Ziggurat will take them out when they cluster..

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Throne Rush Mission 24: Secret Den
Another easy level to destroy the castle wth trolls. Send in a wave of 10 trolls to break the wall nearest the castle, which isn't covered by cannons, followed by another wave of 9, followed by a third wave of 10 once the archers towers have been taken out.

Come back when you have eagles to get your 100% - 25 eagles spread around the city (not clustered together) will reduce the towers to rubble.

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Throne Rush Mission 25: Shabby Farmstead

Not as shabby as the name suggests, this is the first city that has defences against airborne attacks. The storm spires will kill your eagles, so it calls for a multi-faceted attack. 15 trolls and 17 eagles can work together to bring you victory - send the trolls in the back to take out the storm spire, then the eagles at the side to take out the archers who are attacking the trolls. Come back with mages to secure your 100% victory.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 26: Brunholm

A strategic scattering of eagles will get you past this level. Unleash 25 eagles in the bottom righthand corner - not all at once, scatter them slightly so the Ziggurat doesn't hit them en masse - and they will take out the Ziggurat and the Storm Spire, then head for the castle.

Solution Map

You should be aiming to upgrade your barracks again around now, not just to level 7 but up to level 8. Unless you're using magic, you'll need wraiths to get 100% on the next few levels. As soon as you stop being able to get 100% wth the units you have available to you, it's a sign you should upgrade. Also upgrade your forge and get trolls researched to level 3. Those tougher guys will come in handy!

Throne Rush Mission 27: Barbarian Caves

32 Eagles sent out in waves will take down the castle and get you through the level. The first wave will take out a Ziggurat, the second wave will take out a Storm Spire, the windmill and the barn,, and the third wave will head for the castle. Come back with wraiths when you get a level 9 barracks to secure 100%.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 28: Thieves' Pit

To get a victory here, you just need to send a large army of trolls up the gap in the middle to take out the castle. Try a three pronged attack from north, south and east so that each bank of artillery is only dealing with one team.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 29: Riverside

36 eagles will get you past this leve but timing is essentiall. Send out 9 next to the closest Storm Spire, follow it up with another 9 when the Storm Spire is destroyed, another 9 when the Ziggurat is destroyed and a final 9 when all the others are dead, and they'll get you through the level.

A wraith and eagle combination will level this town. Send your wraiths at the Storm Spres and Ziggurats, then once they've been taken out, send in your eagles to do the rest of the clearing up.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 30: Trembling Bog

25 trolls and 13 mages will get to the castle and secure you this mission. Send the trolls in first to draw the fire away from the mages, then when the first cannon is destroyed, send in another wave of trolls to take the castle.

You can get 100% on this city with an army of 28 Wraiths.- split them into 4 teams of 7 and spread them out, two teams at the top and two at the bottom, This method is touch and go, but once the attacking buildings are torn down, it doesn't matter if you only have a few Wraiths left, they'll clear up the city for you.

Solution Map

From this level onwards in the Missions, to get guaranteed success on the levels, you'll need to upgrade your Barracks to level 9 so you can recruit Ents. However, you can get by with 2 x level 7 Headquarters for a while yet (280 Army slots).