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Throne Rush Missions 31-40 Walkthrough

Throne Rush Mission 31: Covetous Blindmen

For the minimum win, use a team of 22 eagles and 17 mages. Your eagles will take out the cannons, which will allow one of the groups of mages to get to the castle

A team of 24 trolls and 16 wraiths can take you close to 100% on this level. Start the wraiths off in the corners by the Ziggurats, and wait until they'll all been destroyed. Then send the trolls to break down the walls in an unprotected area.

If you don't manage to get a 100% victory, this is the first level where it's worthwhile using Ents as part of your army. 12 Ents sent out in either corner by the cannons, backed up by 10 Mages once the immediate danger is clear, will tear the city down just before the clock runs out.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 32: Children of Steephill

30 mages and 12 trolls will get you to the minimum win on this level, but you need to be extremely strategic. Send the mages under the cover of the trolls, and once the first cannon is out, send your mages out in areas where they cannot be targetting.

28 Wraiths will get 100% provided they're strategically deployed. Send out 7 at the bottom, followed by another 7 once they are killed, then when the cannon is destroyed, send 7 to the side, and 7 up top.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 33: Deadly Swamp

14 Wraths and 28 Trolls will get you a minimum win on this level. Split the Wraiths into two groups of 7 to take out the cannons, then send the trolls in 4 waves - the first to make a gap in the wall, the second, third and fourth to replace them as they die.

To get 100%, put 10 Ents and 16 Trolls in your army, start out close to the Ziggurats on the right hand side of the screen, breaking your ents into two teams of 5. With the Ziggurats destroyed, send in the trolls as back up. Things will get tight as the army approaches the far side of the city with more Ziggurats, but this should guarantee 100% success.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 34: Bear Corner

A combination team of 20 mages, 16 wraiths + 8 trolls will get you through the level. Send your wraiths in first in two groups of 8 in the corners facing the cannons. Then scatter your mages around the edges. Once they've finished, there should be an unprotected area to send your trolls into. They'll get through over 50% of the city before they are killed.

Use the 10 Ent and 16 Troll combo will get you 100% again. Set two teams of 5 ents off in the corners, closest to the cannons, and as soon as there is a hole in the wall and the ents have moved on to their second target, send in the trolls, and they should head in the opposite direction around the square.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 35: Murkwoods

20 mages and 20 wraiths will get you past this mission. Send your wraiths in round the back by the castle in two teams of 10, and when the attacking units are destroyed, send in two groups of 7 mages. When there is only the castle left as a target round the back send in your final 6 mages, who will attack the castle from the back where the cannons cannot reach them.

A team of pure ents can get you the golden prize here. Deploy in three teams, one to the top right, one to the top left, and one to the bottom of the village. They'll be moving slow and cutting it fine, but they should reach 100% before the clock runs out.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 36: Vow of the Dark Maid

22 wraiths and 12 trolls will get you a minimum win here. Send the wraiths out in two groups, very quickly after each other, to take out one side of the city's defences, then send your trolls in, and they'll slowly work their way round to over 50%.

A full army of 16 ents, sent out in four teams to the left and the right of the city, one team for each archer tower, will get you 100% - but there won't be many seconds to spare on the clock!

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 37: Plague-stricken Village

To get past the level take 8 wraiths, 14 mages and 22 trolls (level 3). If you have any extra army slots, top up with 3 more mages and 4 more trolls for backup.

Send the 8 wraiths into the corner by the Ziggurat, then send 12 of the trolls in 3 groups of 4 to the side, backed up by 7 mages. Once the defences are out on the one side of the town, and the castle is the nearest target, send in your remaining trolls backed up by your remaining mages. .

For total obliteration, combine 13 Ents with 6 Wraiths - send four teams of 3 Ents in through the gaps in the wall at the top and bottom of the village, and one extra down the centre at the top. Once the ents have taken out the Ziggurats and Cannons, send two groups of three Wraiths in to the either side of the village to take out the towers. The Wraiths will add the extra speed needed to flatten the village and achieve 100% in good time.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 38: Last Ambush

The 13 Ent and 6 Wraith combo works on this level, too. Send 4 teams of 3 Ents into each corner, and once the Ziggurats are taken out send 3 Wraiths at the top and 3 Wraiths at the bottom: they'll get to the cannons before any more damage is done to your Ents, and get you 100%.

Solution map

Throne Rush Mission 39: Damned Gallows

Very similar to the map you've just played - 12 Ents and 8 Wraiths will level the town. Split your Ents into 4 teams of 3, so they take out the Ziggurats first. Then send two teams of 4 Wraiths to either side of the village. The Wraiths will take out the cannons, the Ents will take out the Ziggurats, and they'll work together to finish it off. If you're using magic, take out the cannons with lightning, then send in two teams of Ents to deal with the Ziggurats.

Solution map

Throne Rush Mission 40: Wizards' Plateau

There's a very easy way to pass this level. Send a team of 40 trolls out in the top left hand corner where the castle is, in three waves. Wait until the first wave take out the Zigguraat, then send in another wave, and the castlewill be the third target they attack. Send in your remaining trolls when the first batch of trolls attacking the castle get killed. Getting 100% is a different matter - you'll have to wait until you have 10 dragons to get three stars on this town.

Solution map