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Throne Rush Missions 41-50

These are the toughest Throne Rush levels, and we have not beat them all ourselves yet! We will give you walkthroughs and hints when we have them available. In the meantime, if you have any advice to share, please do get in touch.

Throne Rush Mission 41: Hangman's Rock

8 Dragons will tear this town down. Send them out towards the front of the village, so they take out one of the towers of fire, then the survivors will bring you up to 100%.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 42: Howler Post

Again, 8 dragons can take the town for 100%. Send out two waves of three dragons either side of the city then, when the Towers of Fire are destroyed, send out your remaining two dragons. 3 Ents and 6 dragons can also make a substantial mark here if you're running low on bread!

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 43: Bloody Sunset

Using a combinaton of 14 wraiths and 3 dragons, you'll be able - at least - to take out the castle and move on to the next level. Set the wraiths off in two teams near the Ziggurats to do the most damage they can (they'll take out one Ziggurat) then send the dragons out to destroy the remaning Ziggurat and the castle.

For 100% use lightning bolts to take out two of the Storm Spires and damage the Tower of Flames, then go in with level 2 dragons.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 44: Dragon's Cliff

8 Wraiths and 6 dragons will get you the castle on this level. Send the wraiths out to do some damage to the Storm Spires, then send the dragons in that corner. They'll reach and destroy the castle before they are killed.

To get 100% use lightning bolts to take out the Tower of Flames and damage one of the Storm Spires, then split 10 dragons into two groups of four, and one group of two.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 45: Dried-up Coast

8 dragons sent in four waves of two will take the castle and get you through to the next mission. Send two out in each corner to take out the archers towers, then two groups of two behind the Storm Spires. They'll take the castle afterwards, and you can progress.

For 100% go in with 10 x Level 2 dragons. Use four firebombs to take out the bank of attacking buildings, and a lightning bolt to weaken the Tower of Flames. The dragons will take care of the rest.

Solution Map

As the orginal Throne Rush game only had 45 missions on the World Map, you will receive the Liberator Award when you complete Dried-Up Coast - and you will receive the Perfectionist Award when you get 100% on all missions up to and including Dried-Up Coast. The statues cost 1,000,000 gold coins each, but they look great in your city!

Throne Rush Mission 46: Black Boulder

If you have both the Orb of Serenity and Ugdar's Flame (or any two arefacts which, when combined, give you +10% against defensive units) 10 dragons, scattered in circles, after using firebombs to take out two storm spires and one Tower of Fire, will get you past 50%. We believe if you repeat this strategy using level 2 dragons, you will get past the level.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 47: Cloudbound

The Towers of Fire aren't your problem here: it's the Ziggurats you need to take out. Use 5 firebombs to make the Ziggurats weaker, then send in 10 level 2 dragons (or dragons with +10% against defensive units). The army will get you past 50%.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 48: Angels' Vale

Use 4 x Fire Bombs and 1 X Lightning Bolt to take out the Tower of Death and the Storm Spire next to it. Then scatter 10 x level 3 dragons around that end of the map (or level 2 with +10% attack artefacts). You still need to be strategic in how you release your dragons, but this should get you past 50%.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 49: Jail of Gloom

Use your firebombs to take out the cluster of storm spires, and do some damage to one of the banks of Ziggurats. Then send in your Ents (we used level 3) backed up by your dragons (level 2 with 10% attack artefacts). This should take you past the 50% mark.

Solution Map

Throne Rush Mission 50: Giant's Treasury

Use four fireballs and one lightning bolt to take out an entire corner of buildings, then send your dragons in that corner so they head towards the castle. They may not get past 50% but they should destroy the castle without any problems.

Solution Map