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Throne Rush 贪婪的瞎子 Walkthrough

Throne Rush 贪婪的瞎子


贪婪的瞎子 Hints, Tips and Strategy

奖励: 黄金: 140,000 | 食物: 140,000
已使用的部队: 22 雄鹰 + 17 法师

For the minimum win, use a team of 22 eagles and 17 mages. Your eagles will take out the cannons, which will allow one of the groups of mages to get to the castle.

A team of 24 trolls and 16 wraiths can take you close to 100% on this level. Start the wraiths off in the corners by the Ziggurats, and wait until they'll all been destroyed. Then send the trolls to break down the walls in an unprotected area.

If you don't manage to get a 100% victory, this is the first level where it's worthwhile using Ents as part of your army. 12 Ents sent out in either corner by the cannons, backed up by 10 Mages once the immediate danger is clear, will tear the city down just before the clock runs out.

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