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Throne Rush 陡峰的孩子 Walkthrough

Throne Rush 陡峰的孩子


陡峰的孩子 Hints, Tips and Strategy

奖励: 黄金: 160,000 | 食物: 160,000
已使用的部队: 30 法师 + 12 巨怪

30 mages and 12 trolls will get you to the minimum win on this level, but you need to be extremely strategic. Send the mages under the cover of the trolls, and once the first cannon is out, send your mages out in areas where they cannot be targetting.

28 Wraiths will get 100% provided they're strategically deployed. Send out 7 at the bottom, followed by another 7 once they are killed, then when the cannon is destroyed, send 7 to the side, and 7 up top.

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陡峰的孩子 Solution Map


Throne Rush 陡峰的孩子 solution