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Throne Rush 熊出没角落 Walkthrough

Throne Rush 熊出没角落


熊出没角落 Hints, Tips and Strategy

奖励: 黄金: 200,000 | 食物: 200,000
已使用的部队: 20 法师, 16 幽灵 + 8 巨怪

A combination team of 20 mages, 16 wraiths + 8 trolls will get you through the level. Send your wraiths in first in two groups of 8 in the corners facing the cannons. Then scatter your mages around the edges. Once they've finished, there should be an unprotected area to send your trolls into. They'll get through over 50% of the city before they are killed.

Use the 10 Ent and 16 Troll combo will get you 100% again. Set two teams of 5 ents off in the corners, closest to the cannons, and as soon as there is a hole in the wall and the ents have moved on to their second target, send in the trolls, and they should head in the opposite direction around the square.

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