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Throne Rush 恶咒绞架 Walkthrough

Throne Rush 恶咒绞架


恶咒绞架 Hints, Tips and Strategy

奖励: 黄金: 300,000 | 食物: 300,000
已使用的部队: 12 树人 + 8 幽灵

Very similar to the map you've just played - 12 Ents and 8 Wraiths will mission the town. Split your Ents into 4 teams of 3, so they take out the Ziggurats first. Then send two teams of 4 Wraiths to either side of the village. The Wraiths will take out the cannons, the Ents will take out the Ziggurats, and they'll work together to finish it off. If you're using magic, take out the cannons with lightning, then send in two teams of Ents to deal with the Ziggurats.

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Throne Rush 恶咒绞架 solution