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Throne Rush 血色日落 Walkthrough

Throne Rush 血色日落


血色日落 Hints, Tips and Strategy

奖励: 黄金: 500,000 | 食物: 500,000
已使用的部队: 14 幽灵 + 3 龙

Using a combinaton of 14 wraiths and 3 dragons, you'll be able - at least - to take out the castle and move on to the next mission. Set the wraiths off in two teams near the Ziggurats to do the most damage they can (they'll take out one Ziggurat) then send the dragons out to destroy the remaning Ziggurat and the castle.

If you circle 8 dragons around the town, it can also get you to the next level, but be careful not to set them off too close to the Storm Spires and don't start them off too close to one another.

For 100% use lightning bolts to take out two of the Storm Spires and damage the Tower of Flames, then go in with three groups of 10 x level 2 dragons.

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